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Unified Solution

ACTi Unified Solution
ACTi aims to provide you with the best security camera solutions, and the most options, to help you win any project. With ACTi's Unified Solution the installer has access to an end-to-end solution from camera to control centre and everythig in between

ACTi Cameras - Deliver Spec, Quality and Price at the same time
Your customers' needs do not always fit into easy categories. ACTi delivers a complete product line in 5 platform series that focus on 3 major values; Price-driven, Spec-driven and Quality-driven. No matter what your project requires, with ACTi, you can offer cameras that respond to the project's demands.

ACTi Video Management System - Deliver Simple, Reliable & Scalable Unified Solution
ACTi offers highly functional and user-friendly Video Management System that complements the performance of our cameras in various applications. We also further support our customers by integrating with leading third-party camera manufacturers to help conserve existing product investments as well.

ACTi Tools and Utilities - Learn Nothing & Win Everything
In this fast-moving industry, time is valuable and nobody wants to spend too much time trying to figure out how things work. ACTi has developed various new tools to facilitate our customers in order to increase efficiency and win more projects. Our current tools are designed to assist you on product demo, project planning and installation.

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