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New Siemens Aliro Range-Making Access Control Simple and Innovative

Siemens Aliro is an entirely new system based on over 30 years’ experience in Access control. It represents the next generation of access control with a simplified portfolio of hardware enabling IP at the door, as well as traditional installation methods, intuitive web browser software and mobile apps. Aliro has been developed in response to market requirements for a building access control system that benefits from a simplified operator web interface using the latest technologies such as mobile apps. Aliro offers the flexibility for installers and end users to utilise remote system administration and operation, ensuring simple and effective usability.

With its flat system architecture, automatic device detection web interface and mobile apps. Aliro truly is simple to install and maintain, regardless of your access control experience. It utilises a single license from setup, which enables simple and efficient programming of system functions and updates. The Web interface can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, as well as its Smartphone compatible applications, and provides flexibility to update the system online. It also offers user convenience with remote administration and real time monitoring (for alarms, user management, door unlocking etc) of a system whilst on the move directly from a mobile device.

Aliro ensures installation time is kept to a minimum and depending on site configuration, there is only the need for one Access Point (AP) being connected to a network. With a flexible approach, Aliro can utilise an existing network by being IP at the door, as well as utilising a hardwired RS485 structure. The technology works with a variety of different door types such as external and internal doors, doors to storage rooms or garages, as well as gates and barriers.


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