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New HKC Cloud Based Service and Communicators

SecureComm is HKC's cloud based solution offering both End User and Installers easy connectivity and access to their systems.  Installers can now use SecureComm to connect to SmartLink 700 (an easy to use PC application that allows access remotely or locally to carry out programming and diagnostic functions).  The software allows easy configuration of the Quantum 70 and SW 1070 / 20140 panels and also doubles as a site management tool.  Connectivity can be achieved remotely through DTV / GSM-Q or any of the SecureComm communication modules (GSM-SC, LAN or Wi-Fi card) or locally via a USB lead or serial port.  The HKC App available for both Apple and Android devices will allow end users complete control of their security system.  The App offers easy set & unset commands, push notification (with audible annunciation), fully functional keypad and log interrogation.

The GSM/GPRS unit is supplied with a pre-fitted World SIM that will only work with that device. The unit communicates with SecureComm - our cloud based solution via the HKC APP and SmartLink700 software.  SecureComm provides a heartbeat (polled) connection to the GSM-SC which will signal a loss of communication in the event of an interruption in the GPRS signal.* All alarms and alerts are notified to the user via the Smartphone APP (audible and text).  The GSM-SC can also be used to connect to SmartLink700. *Dependent on network provider.

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