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Concept Pro delivers the complete IP ‘Plug and Play’ range…

Concept Pro delivers the complete IP ‘Plug and Play’ range…

Concept Pro, renowned for simplicity and ease of use has yet again impressed installers with the introduction of HD-IP NVR’s and IP security cameras.

IT gremlins have been truly banished throughout the range leaving the installer with a total plug and play solution. As you would expect from Concept Pro, the user interface is intuitive and operator friendly.

By using the HD-IP NVR they have made the choice of an IP package straightforward and effortless. Simply start with the 4 channel NVR LITE which has built in POE, select from one of two camera options – entry level, which offers a 720P resolution or professional, which offers a 1080P resolution. Mix and Match up to 4 cameras, plug the cameras into the NVR, wait for the cameras to be automatically detected and you’re done! It really is as easy as it sounds.

Any package you choose will be suitable for a wide range of installations. If you wish to view the HD-IP LITE system why not drop into our offices in Dublin and Cork or to arrange an onsite product demonstration with one of our representatives just email or call 01 4242414 for more information.

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