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ACTi expands on its VMS offering

In order to address the requirements of your projects with the highest precision, ACTi is now releasing its leading security video management system NVR 3 in three editions.

NVR 3 Standard: Essential solution for video surveillance

Ideal for smaller scale installations as it can manage up to 64 security cameras and comes with a cost effective licensing policy. It provides the essential functionality of viewing, recording and playing back video and can be connected to third-party cameras as well as remote clients.

NVR 3 Enterprise: Advanced solution for large-scale applications

Supports up to 100 channels and offers more advanced features such as e-Map, Active Directory, Smart Search in playback based on motion, unlimited number of users, or restoring video from local storage, just to name a few.

NVR 3 Corporate: Intelligent solution for business management

The most powerful version that integrates many state-of-the-art features such as POS management, IP door control, network DIO, bookmarks, password protected playback and many more coming in the near future.

You will always be able to update to a newer version within the same edition for free. At the same time, if you have NVR 3 version 3.0.09 or lower installed already, you are eligible for a free upgrade to NVR 3 Enterprise. And if the circumstances require you to switch between editions, it can be done quickly and easily while keeping all recordings and configuration.

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