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  • RWL New UK Hire - Joe Reilly

    We are delighted to announce that Joe Reilly has joined the RWL team as UK Sales Manager.

    Joe brings with him a wealth of experience in the Infrastructure market and in particular, the Panduit product range. Joe will complement the team as we continue to grow our model as a ‘Panduit only’ distributor in the UK. Joe will work closely withScott Smith (Channel Director) to enhance the RWL/Panduit offering in the UK.

    All of us at the RWL Group would like to wish Joe their best wishes in his new position as we all move forward in these exciting times. 

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  • RWL and Cnet Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional Course October 2017

    The Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional (CNIDP®) is a full and comprehensive program that equips network infrastructure professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver complex infrastructure design projects from inception through to customer hand-over. The importance of collaborative working with key stakeholders is also emphasised to ensure that the optimal internal and external network infrastructure solutions are delivered, offering flexibility and resilience across a wide range of services, ensuring that network performance is maximised to meet the customer’s specified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

    CNIDP Core Unit: 16th – 20th October 2017

    CNIDP Pro Unit 23rd – 25th October 2017

    Price: €4,890.00 per student

    Location: Dublin

    [ Download the brochure ]

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  • RWL Roadshow 2017 Hits Galway, Limerick, Cork & Dublin

    The 19th of September saw us launch the first of four technical briefing Roadshows in Galway.  The roadshows focused on technology integration and the latest technology, products and solutions for effective data and security management.  Tony Benn from Brand-Rex and Kevin Brady from Hikvision, gave key insights into how organisations can ensure that they  meet the next generation of networking and security demands and how the convergence of these technologies can help businesses manage their future needs today.

    The Roadshows came to a  successful close on Wednesday 27th September in Dublin. A huge thanks to all those that attended and to our partners Hikvision, Brand-rex, APC, Fluke and Vanderbilt.

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  • RWL celebrates the launch of RWL Security Solutions

    The 16th June saw us celebrate the launch of RWL Security Solutions following our recent merger with Osec. RWL Security Solutions is now Irelands largest distributor of security products, delivering a range of benefits of scale to customers both in Ireland and overseas.

    RWL was established in 2006 distributing data products to the Irish market, setting up its security division in 2011 and now has locations in Dublin, Cork and London.

    We were delighted to welcome so many of our customers to O’Donoghue’s pub to join the celebration and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the last few months during the transition period and for your continued support over the years. We are looking forward to working with you long into the future.

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  • RWL Advanced Solutions the new Irish Stulz distributors in Ireland

    RWL are pleased to announce that they are now the exclusive distributors of STULZ equipment in Ireland. STULZ is one of the world's leading solution provider of energy efficient temperature and humidity management technology, specifically for mission critical applications. RWL look after all Stulz requirements in Ireland including design, specification, spares and delivery of new project.

    Founded in 1947 Stulz has grown to become an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of an extensive range of cooling products. Innovative product development is key to the success of Stulz, setting industry standards and giving Stulz the edge when it comes to manufacturing expertise and addressing industry, economic and environmental challenges. With manufacturing plants in 5 countries and Customer Service & support in 130 countries, Stulz can claim to be the ‘Global Leader’ in technology cooling.

    Data Centre & Technology cooling products are manufactured by Stulz GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. This includes:

    • Low energy CRAC units

    • Adiabatic, indirect free-cooling air-handlers

    • Fresh-Air free-cooling systems

    • Indirect dynamic free-cooling

    • Containerized cooling

    • High-density server rack cooling

    • Telecommunications cooling

    • Precision free-cooling chillers

    • Process cooling

    These cooling solutions are specifically designed for Data Centre’s, Comms Rooms, Server Rooms, Colocation Centre’s and other critical technology environments where energy efficiency is paramount.

    For further information regarding any of the Stulz products or to talk to an RWL representative regarding project design or product delivery please call Graham Jones on 01 4242414.

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  • RWL Celebrate a milestone in the Industry

    . O Donoghues 

    The famous Donoghue’s bar on Baggot Street was the scene of celebrations earlier this year as RWL celebrated its 10th year of business.

    A great crowd turned up to enjoy the music, food and of course few celebratory drinks.

    RWL started in 2006 distributing data products into the Irish market and since then have gone from strength to strength now employing

    over 30 staff with offices in Dublin, Cork and London. The company branched out into security products in 2011 and have enjoyed continued

    success in this area ever since, growing year on year even during a difficult economic climate.

    RWL Advanced Solutions wish to thank all their customers for their continued support over the past decade of trading and are looking forward

    to fulfilling their needs over the next 10 years and beyond. 

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  • RWL Advanced Solutions partner with TSI UK

    RWL Advanced Solutions are now partnered with TSI UK the Data Centre specialists.

    TSI have over 30 years of industry experience in Data Centre design, with thousands of globally completed projects. Their dedicated architectural and design team have the technical expertise to ensure the Data Centre design is optimised for cooling capability and energy efficiency. From 3D drawings to architectural schemes, TSI have the skills to deliver a professional and comprehensive Data Centre design service.

    All TSI supplied products are best-of-breed solutions that have an emphasis on design and build quality. Each product is selected for optimal energy efficiency and effectiveness, reducing Data Centre running-costs and carbon emissions.

    TSI offers professional services such as consultancy, training, site audits and maintenance which offer continuous cover plus a range of on-going Data Centre maintenance.

    As an ISO 9001 certified organisation, TSI have proven multi-departmental implementation of a Quality Management System on an international scale. This certification is an ongoing commitment to the improvement and development of all aspects of the business. 

    Contact our sales team today for a quotation or for further information on 01-4242414.

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  • Pelco - VideoXpert

    VideoXpert - Security Systems Ireland - Surveillance Systems - RWL Solutions


    Pelco launch the next generation Video Management System for the needs of tomorrow


    VideoXpert is a video management solution designed for scalability, fitting the needs surveillance operations of any size. Whether your operation has 100 cameras or 10,000, VideoXpert presents a solution to display, record, and manage your video resources.

    VideoXpert servers can be clustered to provide redundancy and scalability within a single environment, enabling the system to grow in tune with your surveillance needs. As you add cameras, users, or recording devices, you can add servers, enabling the system to support the additional resources and perform to your expectations.

    Administrators can migrate current Endura and Digital Sentry hardware and environments to VideoXpert, re-purposing hardware and reusing current video management infrastructures while gaining the benefits of VideoXpert. VideoXpert can also utilize NSM5200 and Digital Sentry storage hardware as recording solutions, preserving the video stored on those devices while providing access to VideoXpert features.

    VideoXpert can integrate with other physical security systems and building systems to deliver situational awareness and control. VideoXpert also supports third-party IP cameras, allowing users to choose across hundreds of camera options from Pelco and third-party partners when configuring a system.

    For further information or to organise a demo of the VideoXpert platform please contact sales on:

              Dublin: 01 4242414

              Cork:   021 4316744

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  • RWL Advanced Solutions partner with Pelco in Ireland

    Choose with Confidence

    RWL Advanced Solutions are now partnered with Pelco as the official distributor of CCTV products in Ireland. Pelco offers the broadest selection of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings.


    For Any Application, Any Lighting Condition, Any Environment

    Contact a member of our sales team today for more information

    Dublin: 01-4241414
    Cork: 021-4316744

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  • RWL announce two new CPD courses

    RWL Advanced Solutions are delighted to announce that our CPD program has been ratified by Engineers Ireland and CPD points can now be awarded based on completion of the program. RWL who run two CPD courses, IP CCTV - A Design Overview and Design Guidelines for Copper & Fibre Optics solutions, do so with a view to updating the industry on developments in both areas.  We feel strongly that the knowledge that we have acquired over the years through the projects that we have been involved in should be shared and we feel that the Engineers Ireland CPD program is the best vehicle for doing just that.

    Both the CCTV and Networking landscapes have changed dramatically over the past few years and these CPD modules aim to give engineers and consultants a solid foundation in the design elements of both.

    The course is aimed at Engineers, graduate engineers, architects and consultants working as designers on a daily basis. Should you or your company wish to find out more please contact us on 01 4242414.

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  • RWL take on Paxton Access Control

    RWL have now partnered with Paxton Access Ltd in offering a new distribution channel of their access control equipment in Ireland. Paxton is the UK market leader of IP access control and door entry systems, with 30 years’ experience. Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Paxton manufacture all products locally and export to over 40 countries worldwide. Paxton has become the installers’ company of choice through their efforts to offer installer focused products and services. The company pays exceptional attention to the development of high quality products, customer care and support. Its products have simplicity designed in to ensure installers find them easy to install, use, and maintain.

    Gareth Johnson, UK Sales Manager Paxton, said: “At Paxton we believe in making life easy for our installers, whether it be making our products even more readily available to purchase, or ensuring our systems are simple to install, use and maintain.”

    Contact our sales team today for a quotation or for further information on Paxton’s range of access control equipment. Dublin (01) 4242414 or Cork (021) 4316744.

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  • New Concept Pro IP PTZ

    Check out the new Concept Pro IP PTZ from RWL Advanced Solutions, a fantastic addition to their IP product line up.

    The VHSDIR-870EXT-IP is a 1080p Infra Red IP High Speed Dome Camera. It has 22x Optical Zoom, and can operate down to 0.0 Lux thanks to 12 high powered IR LEDs, which adjusts to match the angle of view of the camera. Other features include 255 preset positions, 6 patterns, 5 privacy zones and 8 tour functions. Presets can be combined in to a single tour function allowing virtually hands-free operation once the tour is activated.

    The camera comes with 7 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs at the head to offer plenty of flexibility for connection of proximity sensors and other external equipment. Including support for Pelco D protocol, the VHSDIR-870EXT-IP is fully compatible with the vast majority of control equipment available today.

    For a demonstration please call the RWL offices today on: Dublin (01) 4242414 or Cork (021) 4316744

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  • Unified Solution

    ACTi Unified Solution
    ACTi aims to provide you with the best security camera solutions, and the most options, to help you win any project. With ACTi's Unified Solution the installer has access to an end-to-end solution from camera to control centre and everythig in between

    ACTi Cameras - Deliver Spec, Quality and Price at the same time
    Your customers' needs do not always fit into easy categories. ACTi delivers a complete product line in 5 platform series that focus on 3 major values; Price-driven, Spec-driven and Quality-driven. No matter what your project requires, with ACTi, you can offer cameras that respond to the project's demands.

    ACTi Video Management System - Deliver Simple, Reliable & Scalable Unified Solution
    ACTi offers highly functional and user-friendly Video Management System that complements the performance of our cameras in various applications. We also further support our customers by integrating with leading third-party camera manufacturers to help conserve existing product investments as well.

    ACTi Tools and Utilities - Learn Nothing & Win Everything
    In this fast-moving industry, time is valuable and nobody wants to spend too much time trying to figure out how things work. ACTi has developed various new tools to facilitate our customers in order to increase efficiency and win more projects. Our current tools are designed to assist you on product demo, project planning and installation.

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  • ACTi’s new look

    Unique experiences with brand-new

    Over the past decade, ACTi has gradually expanded it's range of products and services to be able to provide end-to-end security solutions for different markets, such as retail, mobile vehicle, education, residential, and much more.

    At the same time, ACTi has focused on making it extremely easy to learn about the products and plan projects with the help of convenient service tools and platforms. These support materials include project planning tools (including Online and Offline versions), a wide range of video clips, and a fully interactive website.

    As part of this intiative, ACTi has redesigned its websites with clean and stylish interface that has the purpose to easily guide its users to find the contents they look for with the least amount of time and effort.

    Or for more information call ACTi’s local distributor RWL Advanced Solutions on 01 4242414 or 021 4316744

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  • ACTi expands on its VMS offering

    In order to address the requirements of your projects with the highest precision, ACTi is now releasing its leading security video management system NVR 3 in three editions.

    NVR 3 Standard: Essential solution for video surveillance

    Ideal for smaller scale installations as it can manage up to 64 security cameras and comes with a cost effective licensing policy. It provides the essential functionality of viewing, recording and playing back video and can be connected to third-party cameras as well as remote clients.

    NVR 3 Enterprise: Advanced solution for large-scale applications

    Supports up to 100 channels and offers more advanced features such as e-Map, Active Directory, Smart Search in playback based on motion, unlimited number of users, or restoring video from local storage, just to name a few.

    NVR 3 Corporate: Intelligent solution for business management

    The most powerful version that integrates many state-of-the-art features such as POS management, IP door control, network DIO, bookmarks, password protected playback and many more coming in the near future.

    You will always be able to update to a newer version within the same edition for free. At the same time, if you have NVR 3 version 3.0.09 or lower installed already, you are eligible for a free upgrade to NVR 3 Enterprise. And if the circumstances require you to switch between editions, it can be done quickly and easily while keeping all recordings and configuration.

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  • RWL Welcome New Member to our Sales Team

    RWL Advanced Solutions are delighted to announce that Jeff Harney has joined RWL  as Sales Manager for Cork.

    Jeff joins RWL with a wealth of experience in the Security Surveillance Market. We know that Jeff will complement the Cork branch and the group in general, with his professional and vibrant approach. Jeff will also have a focus on assisting on convergence of existing RWL Data and specification business with security division.

    Jeff can be contacted @ 087-1448373 or

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  • Concept Pro Expands Their IP NVR Range

    Concept Pro has expanded its entry-level IP NVR system with new 8 and 16 channel versions that work seamlessly with any of the Concept Pro IP security cameras thanks to their plug and play compatibility. The range provides simplicity, easy to use functionality and maintains the feel of any analogue counterpart. Switching to IP doesn’t get any easier than this.The VHD-IPL recorder now allows for further camera options on a system using an effortless plug and play setup with the Concept Pro VIPC camera range, removing the IT headaches associated with configuring IP CCTV camera systems. Users also have the ability to view a HD-IP Lite system over a web browser courtesy of an in-built webserver, a feature normally found on more high-end recording solutions, providing real-time monitoring and play back. 

    The new models offer real-time 1080p recording with a maximum storage capacity of 6TB in the 8 channel and 12TB in the 16 channel, giving users the ability to record over a week’s worth of footage with 16 cameras at 25FPS 1080p resolution.


    To obtain a brochure or pricing on this range contact our sales team today.

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  • New Siemens Aliro Range-Making Access Control Simple and Innovative

    Siemens Aliro is an entirely new system based on over 30 years’ experience in Access control. It represents the next generation of access control with a simplified portfolio of hardware enabling IP at the door, as well as traditional installation methods, intuitive web browser software and mobile apps. Aliro has been developed in response to market requirements for a building access control system that benefits from a simplified operator web interface using the latest technologies such as mobile apps. Aliro offers the flexibility for installers and end users to utilise remote system administration and operation, ensuring simple and effective usability.

    With its flat system architecture, automatic device detection web interface and mobile apps. Aliro truly is simple to install and maintain, regardless of your access control experience. It utilises a single license from setup, which enables simple and efficient programming of system functions and updates. The Web interface can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, as well as its Smartphone compatible applications, and provides flexibility to update the system online. It also offers user convenience with remote administration and real time monitoring (for alarms, user management, door unlocking etc) of a system whilst on the move directly from a mobile device.

    Aliro ensures installation time is kept to a minimum and depending on site configuration, there is only the need for one Access Point (AP) being connected to a network. With a flexible approach, Aliro can utilise an existing network by being IP at the door, as well as utilising a hardwired RS485 structure. The technology works with a variety of different door types such as external and internal doors, doors to storage rooms or garages, as well as gates and barriers.


    For pricing or further information on the Siemens Aliro range please contact a member of our sales team in the Dublin or Cork branches.

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  • Happy Christmas

    From all the staff at RWL Advanced Solutions, we would like to wish all of our customers a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year and look forward to see you all again 2015.

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  • New HKC Cloud Based Service and Communicators

    SecureComm is HKC's cloud based solution offering both End User and Installers easy connectivity and access to their systems.  Installers can now use SecureComm to connect to SmartLink 700 (an easy to use PC application that allows access remotely or locally to carry out programming and diagnostic functions).  The software allows easy configuration of the Quantum 70 and SW 1070 / 20140 panels and also doubles as a site management tool.  Connectivity can be achieved remotely through DTV / GSM-Q or any of the SecureComm communication modules (GSM-SC, LAN or Wi-Fi card) or locally via a USB lead or serial port.  The HKC App available for both Apple and Android devices will allow end users complete control of their security system.  The App offers easy set & unset commands, push notification (with audible annunciation), fully functional keypad and log interrogation.

    The GSM/GPRS unit is supplied with a pre-fitted World SIM that will only work with that device. The unit communicates with SecureComm - our cloud based solution via the HKC APP and SmartLink700 software.  SecureComm provides a heartbeat (polled) connection to the GSM-SC which will signal a loss of communication in the event of an interruption in the GPRS signal.* All alarms and alerts are notified to the user via the Smartphone APP (audible and text).  The GSM-SC can also be used to connect to SmartLink700. *Dependent on network provider.

    Contact our offices today for pricing and more information.

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  • ACT Launch New Range of Integrated Products

    The ACTviquest range offers installers an affordable and truly integrated VMS and Access Control solution. The ACTviquest system is highly flexible, with the ability to connect multiple units of each configuration together to give the channels, power and storage your site requires. It is compatible with all leading security camera manufacturers. ACTviquest hardware comes pre-loaded with ACT Enterprise and Video management software. All you need is a monitor and ACTviquest is your all-in-one solution. There are 3 ranges available to suit all applications.

    The first ACTviquest is a perfect security solution for small retail businesses. This entry model ACTviquest has an 8 channel, 4TB Network Video Recorder.

    ACTviquest+ is designed for larger commercial premises and comes in a desktop or 19 inch rack mountable version. This system has 16 channels and 16TB storage.

    Finally there is ACTviquestPRO which is an ideal system for sites with large security control rooms such as universities or hospitals where video management is operationally critical. Simply download ACTviquestpro software directly to your client’s hardware to begin using powerful features such as video wall integration.

    EnterprisePro software can be added to the system if building access control is also needed.The ACTviquest range is also scalable – you can link-in additional systems as your client’s company grows which is more cost effective than having to replace the entire system.


    ACT is hosting roadshows at various locations around the country during the month of September to launch this new range.

    Contact for more information.

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  • Concept Pro delivers the complete IP ‘Plug and Play’ range…

    Concept Pro, renowned for simplicity and ease of use has yet again impressed installers with the introduction of HD-IP NVR’s and IP security cameras.

    IT gremlins have been truly banished throughout the range leaving the installer with a total plug and play solution. As you would expect from Concept Pro, the user interface is intuitive and operator friendly.

    By using the HD-IP NVR they have made the choice of an IP package straightforward and effortless. Simply start with the 4 channel NVR LITE which has built in POE, select from one of two camera options – entry level, which offers a 720P resolution or professional, which offers a 1080P resolution. Mix and Match up to 4 cameras, plug the cameras into the NVR, wait for the cameras to be automatically detected and you’re done! It really is as easy as it sounds.

    Any package you choose will be suitable for a wide range of installations. If you wish to view the HD-IP LITE system why not drop into our offices in Dublin and Cork or to arrange an onsite product demonstration with one of our representatives just email or call 01 4242414 for more information.

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  • New Intelligent Series of PTZ’s from ACTi

    Introducing ACTi's Intelligent Series range of PTZ's, which will bring you an experience like never before, and raise the bar for video excellence in the industry….!!

    With the I-Series, ACTi offers both indoor and outdoor PTZ, with 1 Megapixel and 2 Megapixel resolution, producing high detail security surveillance video for any requirement.  Powered with a 30x Optical zoom lens and speedy auto focus, these cameras can cover wide areas and areas of specific interest without losing resolution or missing event details while adjusting focus.

    The Intelligent series of IP PTZ’s from ACTi offer the installer an unprecedented level of engineering at a cost that is affordable to the end user.

    Along with the ultra-fast auto focus and 30 x zoom lens, the external security cameras come with 4 physical inputs and 2 outputs for integration with existing beams and triggers onsite, extreme WDR and endless pan and tilt on the Speed dome versions.

    For more information or a demo of these cameras please call Michael O'Neill in RWL on 087 9617182 or send an email to

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  • Brand-Rex becomes Carbon Neutral

    Brand-Rex was the world’s first network infrastructure solutions provider to achieve carbon neutral status for its global organisational and operational activities in accordance with the PAS2060 standard.   It was also the first to offer carbon neutral products.
    Working with VERCO the market-leading adviser on energy and climate change, the Brand-Rex carbon footprint was measured in line with ISO14064 compulsory scopes 1 and 2 and voluntary scope 3. The footprint measurement took into account operational emissions for energy consumption, company vehicles, logistics, waste and travel.
    As a leading manufacturer of network infrastructure solutions, Brand-Rex recognises it has a responsibility to ensure its solutions are manufactured responsibly and where possible using sustainable energy sources and materials.
    Our target is to reduce emissions by 20% by 2015 to keep us ahead of the UK government target of 34% and the Scottish government target of 42% by 2020.

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  • Brand-Rex expands RailSafe range

    Brand-Rex has announced the launch of a new line of RailSafe cables.  RailSafe is a range of high performance low voltage power and signalling, fibre optic and copper cables. These cables are designed for use in signalling, data, telecommunications track-side, underground and metro station applications, where the effect of fire on cables is critical to the cable performance in the environment installed.
    The new range was designed especially for metro and rail markets with specific cables approved for use by London Underground and Network Rail.
    The new additions include fibre non-metallic armoured multi loose-tube cables in 4-144 fibres, fire resistant optical cables in 4-24 fibres and shielded copper cables.  Designed for telecom and data communication, CCTV and passenger information system applications, the new cables are ideal to support the safety and performance demands of rail infrastructure.
    The complete RailSafe range has been designed to meet rigorous requirements for smoke flammability and toxicity and is ideal for installations where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes requirements exceed those of standard cables, such as underground applications.
    In addition, the high performance RailSafe Armoured Fire Resistant Optical Cable not only meets the rigorous fire, smoke and toxicity requirements of London Underground, but also the IEC, BS EN and BS standards for fire survival.

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  • Concept Pro launch new cameras

    Concept Pro announce the 5MP 180 degree and 360 degree HD-SDI Panoramic. Using multi-screen display and covering 5MP the internal and external cameras offer a new perspective to CCTV. With the advantage of being able to utilise existing Coax cable and the ability to get 1080 resolution the panoramic cameras are sure to be a game changer. Please call RWL Advanced Solutions today for a demo.

    Concept Pro announce the 5MP 180 degree and 360 degree HD-SDI Panoramic. Using multi-screen display and covering 5MP the internal and external cameras offer a new perspective to CCTV. With the advantage of being able to utilise existing Coax cable and the ability to get 1080 resolution the panoramic cameras are sure to be a game changer. Please call RWL Advanced Solutions today for a demo.

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  • Maxhunt Range Now Manufactured By Knight Fire & Security

    Following the purchase of Maxhunt by Knight Fire & Security, both ranges of products are now available through RWL.

    Knight Fire & Security have since 1984, served the fire & security industry with high quality, efficiently produced and competitively priced products that comply to fire and security standards.

    Their range include Grade 1, 2 and 3 door contacts (with most suitable for use on double doors), call points, exit/pass switches panic buttons, junction boxes, internal sounders and door loops.

    For further information on the Maxhunt and Knight Fire & Security range contact our sales team in the Dublin or Cork offices.

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  • ACTpro eLock Wireless Door Now Available

    ACTpro eLock is a secure, versatile and cost effective access control solution that can be installed easily and quickly on most door types fitted with euro profile locks. The ACTpro eLock boasts longer range, longer battery life and an easier setup than competing products on the market. Using 868kHz wireless technology, the ACTpro eLock boasts long-range capability between the eLock hub and the eLock. With a battery life tested to over 200,000 operations, the lock will be maintenance free for years following installation. The ACTpro eLock hub is able to communicate with up to 32 eLocks per hub, which, when paired with its long range ability, gives the eLock a very competitive edge.

    The eLock system is a battery operated wire free product and can be specified in a variety of environments including health, education, public, commercial and leisure.

    ACTpro eLock is compatible with the existing range of ACT network door controllers and is available with a variety of high secure card technologies such as MIFARE and DESFire plus key override options.

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  • RWL appointed as Fluke Networks distributor

    Fluke Networks is pleased to announce the appointment of RWL as an authorized distributor and reseller, focusing primarily on the new DSX copper and Certifiber Pro fibre certification tools, together with the MPO-specific MultiFiber Pro test set.

    We believe these new products offer significant new sales opportunities in the Irish market, not least with those existing customers who own DTX CableAnalyzers, and who will now wish to upgrade to the latest DSX technology, which offers several significant advantages over our trusted older unit.

    The Irish market has long been a reference point for quality and innovation in data centre & fibre optic installation, and the addition of RWL to our distributor network will help strengthen our presence, and allow customers to benefit from additional presence, expertise and focus.  RWL brings a significant technical strength and longterm knowledge and experience to the Fluke Networks distribution operation.

    We look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship, expanding services and capabilities for Irish installers and network owners.

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  • Excel Launch New Environ Rack & Open Frame Range

    27th January 2014, Excel Networking Solutions, the copper and optical cabling infrastructure provider has launched a new range of racks under the name of ‘Environ’.

    The launch is in response to growing demand from integrators, consultants and end user clients for an even broader set of well designed, quality enclosures to be made available under the Excel brand. With many new product and feature introductions within the Environ range, Excel provides a true end-to-end solution with copper, fibre, MTP, racking and power available from a single provider.

    Environ comprises five separate ranges including a featured packed standard cabinet for everyday use, an open frame solution with high density, providing extremely flexible cable management options, through to the flagship SR range designed specifically for server room and data centre applications.

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