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Tyndall National Institute

The Tyndall National Institute in Cork was established in 2004 by Ireland’s Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment and University College Cork (UCC ), to bring together complementary activities in photonics, electronics and networking research. The objective behind the institute is to create a focal point for Information and Communications Technology (ICT ) in Ireland, as well as to support industry and academia nationally and to increase the number of qualified graduate students for the growing ‘knowledge economy’.

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“We were very aware of the progress of 10G and especially the UTP standard,” commented Tyndall National Institute’s IT Manager Eamon O’Riain. He added, “We were confident that 10G UTP was the ideal solution for us, but the challenge was to deliver a leading brand together with competent contractor and distributor and within budget. With Brand-Rex and RWL, we have certainly achieved that”.

The strengths of the institute lie in the area of photonics, electronics, materials and nanotechnologies and their applications for life sciences, communications, power electronics and other industries. Research programmes range from theoretical modelling and design to novel material and novel systems incorporating these new devices. As facilities expand the Institute will host researchers from across Ireland, both from academia, industry and from international research laboratories.

Tyndall required a UTP structured cabling system of premium quality that could support the high bandwidth demands of applications running at Tyndall both today and into the future. Despite the size and complexity of the installation, Tyndall’s selection criteria were very simple. The institute required a cabling system at the cutting edge of the latest ISO, TIA/EIA and IE standards. These requirements were met with the first ever Brand-Rex 10GPlus UTP installation in Ireland. The project was installed by a Brand-Rex local partner and supported by local distributor, RWL Advanced Solutions.

“Tyndall National Institute’s selection of our 10GPlus family is a testament to the quality of the system, as well as the expertise of our installation partners,” said Brand-Rex Business & Marketing Director, Ian Wilkie. “Tyndall is a centre of excellence in its own right and we have been delighted to be able to supply them with a ‘best-in-class’ 10G solution”.

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